Arnside at High Tide.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Coastguard Station - Red Hills Road - New Barns Road - New Barns Bay - Copridding Wood - Arnside Park - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Hollins Farm - Heathwaite - Arnside Knott - Red Hills - Dubshall Wood - High Knott Road - Red Hills Road - Silverdale Road - Arnside.

Notes. Finding myself with limited time this weekend I decided to grab a couple of hours happy rambling down Arnside way. With strong winds and a high tide forecast a walk along the coast may prove most interesting, well it did, turning what should have been a straight forward route into a walk of forced diversions and de-tours. The tide rose so fast any chance of wandering along the shore line was out of the question, oh I tried and eventually reached the cliffs south of New Barns, at one point the distinct possibility of drowning almost becoming reality.

When I arrived at Arnside the tide was already racing up the estuary, even though I've witnessed this spectacle many times before it's quite an awe-inspiring sight, watching the sea race in at such a speed, almost unnerving. After parking on what I presumed was safe ground I proceeded south along the coast, on reaching the Coastguard Station my way was blocked by the fast rising tide. My first de-tour, a narrow path rises behind the Coastguard Station, I ascended this to access Red Hills Road. With tarmac under foot I wandered south, when the road narrowed I found myself strolling down New Barns Road, at New Barns I was confronted with the sea about to breach the flood defenses, my way blocked yet again. A limestone wall runs along the edge of the bay, a barrier to keep the sea from encroaching into the pastures it guards, it looked to me like it would provide safe passage. I scaled the wall to start my crossing, soon finding myself teetering on a moss covered ledge, battling through overhanging wild roses and brambles, this suddenly seemed like a bad idea, part way along the wind became a formidable adversary, pushing the bushes then intern me seaward, I bottled it, with deep water just below my feet and blood dripping from my hands I fought my way back to plan another de-tour.

A few yards up the access road to New Barns a metal kissing gate allows access to Copridding Wood, the path leads to Arnside Knott, I followed this path ascending through said wood, at the first junction I turned right, this path skirted New Barnes before descending to the coast at White Creek. Happy to be back above the sea I strolled on, I’ve never wandered this cliff top path with the sea so fierce, high above limestone cliffs with wind whipped salt spray breaking over the path, with access routes blocked I had the path to myself. Sticking to the coast I even managed to gain access (just) to the shingle bank at Far Arnside. Reluctantly it was time to turn my back on the sea, the next time I was in it's company was back on the sea front of a wet and windy Arnside.

I left the coast, ascending through Holgates then Far Arnside, a finger-post at Far Arnside directed me through pastures to Arnside, I followed this well trod path passing Hollins Farm before ascending Heathwaite, another finger-post invited me to Arnside Knott. As I ascended the Knott I wandered into heavy rain, with the weather on my back I descended Red Hills to gain the shelter of Dubshall Wood, I stepped from the woods onto High Knott Road, all that remained was a very wet walk back through the streets of Arnside.

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The fast rising tide at Arnside.

The Victorian seafront Arnside, my route follows the coast passed the parked cars then down the estuary.

Looking to Ash Meadow with Frith Wood in the distance marking the edge of New Barns Bay, another route required.

Viewing New Barns Farm from a grass banking keeping the water at bay, the limestone wall, don't try to cross it as I did, five minutes after taking this shot the water was half way up and I was making a sharp exit.

Meathop Fell seen across a rather waterlogged New Barns Bay.

Frith Wood seen across the shingle bank at White Creek.

Views along the sea-washed cliffs marking the edge of Arnside Park, seen from Arnside Point.

Wandering above spectacular cliffs with crashing waves at my feet and views to Humphrey Head for company.

Strolling above the ragged joint between rock and sea and sky.

Viewing Grange over Sands across a sea alive with wind blown spray.

A favourite place of mine, visited by few, the shingle bank at Far Arnside always worth a visit at high tide.

This is a delightful secret corner along the Arnside/Silverdale coast.

Know End Point as seen from the coast at Far Arnside.

Hazy views from the ascent of Heathwaite.

Parting of the ways, it's Arnside Knott for me, even with the threat of a storm creeping over my shoulder.

As the first spots of rain fall, views over Arnside Park.

With the weather to my back, views over upper Morecambe Bay.

Descending Red Hills looking over Dobshall Wood to the salt marsh north of Arnside.

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