Arnside Shore and Hawes Water.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Grubbins Wood - New Barns - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Holgates - Middlebarrow Wood - Eaves Wood - Pepper Pot - Elmslack - Red Bridge - Hawes Water - Gate Barrows - Silverdale Moss - Black Dyke Road - Arnside.

Notes. Yesterday (Saturday 28th) saw me accompanied by Sue hopelessly bewildered trying to reach the summit of a small fell near Sedbergh, the name shall remain anonymous out of embarrassment, but be sure I'll be back. Only four fields one wood and half an hour into the walk our way was blocked by dry stone walls, barbed wire topped fences and hedge rows, we retraced our steps several times to obvious features on the map and ground only to cross stiles into fields with no escape, navigating with map, compass and G.P.S all to no avail, plenty of yellow way mark arrows to follow, round in circles, then the snow and hale started, retracing our steps for the umpteenth time we decided to head down the hill back to the car followed by a brew in Sedbergh.

Today the sun was shining, I found myself on familiar ground heading down the Kent Channel on a circuit from Arnside, I intended to visit the Pepper Pot and Hawes Water before returning over Silverdale Moss.

My route took me south following the Kent Channel passing Grubbins Wood and New Barns before rounding Blackstone Point to cross the wet sand of White Creek en route to Far Arnside. Leaving the coast at Far Arnside I made my way across fields to enter Holgates Caravan Park from where it was a short stroll to Eaves Wood home to the Pepper Pot. After a short rest, a good excuse to sit and admire the extensive views, I followed a way marked path through Eaves Wood to the car park, I emerged on Park Road, turned left onto Red Bridge Lane, east up a small hill to enter Moss Lane. Half a mile striding out over the tarmac of Moss Lane saw me enter the woods of Gait Barrows Nature Reserve, after passing the hidden gem of Hawes Water, I followed the path north eventually crossing Ford Lane to be met by a finger post directing me to Silverdale Moss and Black Dyke. I descended through Silverdale Moss Woods to enter green pastures bordered by woodland enclosed with dry stone walls, after several stiles I entered Cold Well Lane, I decided to brave the Sunday afternoon traffic on Cold Well Lane rather than walk through the fields, I soon reached the railway line to enter Black Dyke Road followed by a short walk back to the waiting car.

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The Kent Viaduct backed by the snow capped hills of the Lake District.

Looking to Whitbarrow Scar.

Early morning views down the Kent Channel taking in Grubbins Wood and New Barns.

On the edge of New Barns Bay views to Grange Over Sands.

Grubbins Wood seen over New Barns Bay.

A rock pool at Blackstone Point mirrors the morning sky.

Views to the north seen from the remains of the jetty at Blackstone Point.

Approaching White Creek with stunning views across the sands as far as Heysham Power Stations. to the south.

The wet sands at White Creek looking to the sylvan slopes of Arnside Knott.

Looking to the white washed buildings of Grange Over Sands.

The limestone cliffs of Meathop Fell seen across the Kent Channel.

Views to White Creek with Arnside Park rising from the cliffs on the right.

On the path through Arnside Park en route to Far Arnside.

Woodland Daffodils near Far Arnside.

King William's Hill rises from Eaves Wood, is home to the Pepper Pot with great views over the Silverdale landscape.

Seen from the duckboard path above the marsh, Challan Hall across Hawes Water.

Seen from the dappled shade of a mighty Oak, Arnside Knott rising above Silverdale Moss.

The subject of limestone, the massive scar of the Middlebarrow Quarry.

Looking to Arnside Knott.

I'm striding along Cold Well Lane to my left and right are the remains of salt pits, once a thriving industry in these parts.

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