Arnside Knott, Heathwaite and the Morecambe Bay Coast.

Start. Arnside (The Promenade).

Route. Arnside (The Promenade) - Ash Meadow - Beachwood Lane (path) - Red Hills Road - High Knott Road - Red Hills Wood - Red Hills - Arnside Knott - Arnside Knott Wood - Heathwaite - Coast Path - Park Point - Arnside Point - White Creek - Blackstone Point - New Barns Bay - Ash Meadow - Arnside (The Promenade).

Notes. Grey, wet, rain beading down the living room window, I felt a little better about having to do some jobs at home. Jobs finished I kept staring out the window, longingly looking to the coast, willing for a break in the cloud, that's where our weather in the north west of England usually comes from. Having convinced myself I saw one (I hadn't) I made the short wet drive to a grey miserable Arnside, sulked in the car a while before turning out for a soaking, that never happened. I've said it before and I'll say it again Arnside never disappoints.

By the time I'd laced up my boots, locked the car the rain had stopped, it still didn't look very promising but off I went. Down the estuary passed Ash Meadow and the old boat yard to access Beachwood Lane (narrow footpath), I climbed the lane emerging next to the Old Coach House on Red Hills Road, turned right then wandered on to a finger-post promising access to Red Hills Road, which made no sense as I was all ready on Red Hills Road, I followed said path regardless. A good path it was guiding me along the edge of a small housing estate, then sheep pastures, under heavily wooded limestone cliffs ejecting me out at the junction of Red Hills Road and High Knott Road, I ascended the latter.

This is a rather exclusive part of Arnside, big houses with large gardens sweeping down the the road, I had a good nose before reaching a finger-post promising access to Arnside Knott. Turning my back on the road I ascending through the tree cover of Red Hills Wood, once through the wood a long ascent of Red Hills followed terminating at a wicket gate allowing access to Arnside Knott. Through I went swinging right following the main trod that avoids the summit. This was actually the start of a ridge walk from Arnside Knott to the coast, via Heathwaite. South east I wandered, good paths under foot brightening skies above, over limestone scree I descended, through coppice woodland I strolled. Traversing Heathwaite, a number of clearings allowed spectacular views over Morecambe Bay, after a short sharp descent I found myself in dappled light wandering along the coast path.

Along the edge where sylvan Arnside Park stumbles onto the sands of Morecambe Bay I wandered, narrow paths above limestone sea cliffs under foot, I love walking this stretch of coast. Too wet to cross the sands, I clung to the narrow path emerging at the shingle bank at White Creek (not mentioned on up to date OS maps). Once across the bank I entered Frith Wood, the short woodland stroll carried me above the cliffs of Blackstone Point before ejecting me on the edge of New Barns Bay.

New Barns Bay always looks benign, don't fall foul of it's kindly disposition, it's a malicious place it can catch you unawares, cross it at your peril. Boot sucking, body crushing quicksand may await the unwary walker. I speak from experience, on two occasions I have crawled on my stomach to rescue people, one angler whom was extracted minus his wellington boots and on another occasion a walker. I don't mind the hero bit but you don't half get shit up, walk round please. And once I'd safely walked round it was a short walk back up the coast to Arnside.

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Grey across the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay, Whitbarrow.

Viewing Arnside from Ash Meadow.

The limestone cliffs and wooded flanks of Meathop Fell seen across the Kent Channel.

Viewing Milnthorpe Sands and upper Morecambe Bay from high on Red Hills.

The coppice woodland on Heathwaite.

A break in the tree cover gifts the lucky rambler with stunning views over the Silverdale coast.

A distant play of light on the waters of Morecambe Bay.

Wonderful silvery seascapes backed by a vail of dark cloud.

Seen from the coast path on the edge of Arnside Park the headland of Know End Point.

My guide through the delights of the Morecambe Bay coast.

In the distance the white washed buildings of Grange over Sands.

White Creek looking to Frith Wood.

From the edge of New Barns Bay views to the Newton Fells and the limestone cliffs of Meathop Fell, the uncharacteristic straight line is the Bund Wall where the River Winster spills into the bay.

At Near New Barns watching sunlight and shadows dance across the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Backed by Grubbins Wood, New Barns Bay.

Views up the estuary from New Barns Bay.

Not so grey now, Whitbarrow across the Kent Channel.

Arnside captures the afternoon sun.

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