Arnside Knott from Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Grubbins Wood - New Barns - Frith Wood - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Arnside Point - Park Point - Far Arnside - Hollins Farm - Heathwaite - Arnside Knott - Red Hills - Red Hills Wood - High Knott Road - Arnside.

Notes. I've done this walk many times and will probably do it many more, it's an ideal leg stretcher when you weren't intending to do any walking at all. The heavy rain of last night had done nothing to wash the haze of yesterday away, no distant views, the horizon melted into a milky soup, even close up the light wasn't much better. I spent a great deal of time messing with camera settings to no avail, but I was out enjoying a wander through this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

On leaving Arnside I wandered down the estuary, a good path guided me along the edge of the Kent Channel. After rounding New Barns Bay a small disused quarry allowed access to Frith Wood. Woodland paths then guided me through coppice woodland above Blackstone Point before ejecting me onto the sands at White Creek. Keeping to the dryer sand I wandered across the bay, looping back to the coast at Park Point when the sand got too soft. Along the edge where land meets sea I picked my way, once safely at Far Arnside I decided to carry on to Silverdale, unfortunately when the sand started to ripple under my feet I carefully stepped back onto solid ground, Morecambe Bay quicksand had blocked my way. I doubled back to the shingle bank at Far Arnside before ascending to the tiny hamlet. I should have been disappointed, but I wasn't, far better to realise what you're attempting to cross than get stuck.

On leaving the Far Arnside a finger-post invited me to Arnside and Arnside Knott, I obliged, the path ushered me along the edge of sheep pastures to Hollins Farm, then onto Heathwaite to join one of the many paths ascending Arnside Knott. I can honestly say I sat ages on the edge of Red Hills enjoying hazy views across the upper reaches of Morecambe Bay before descending. With a green trod under foot I descended Red Hills to access a muddy path traversing Red Hills Wood, this terminated at a metal kissing gate allowing access to High Knott Road. I continued to the foot of High Knott Road to be greeted by a finger-post directing me along the edge of green pastures followed by white washed bungalows, this well used path deposited me on Knott Road at it's junction with New Barns Road, I turned right. With tarmac under foot I strolled on to a narrow path descending to the coast, I emerged from behind the old boatyard into clear views, a vail had been lifted, I saw Arnside in a very different light, Morecambe Bay never ceases to surprise.

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Arnside seen through the morning haze.

Views south down the estuary, on the far horizon Frith Wood with Grange-over-Sands melting into a milky soup.

From New Barns Bay views back to Arnside.

Sylvan Arnside Knott as seen from New Barns Bay.

Striding out across the sands at White Creek looking to Park Point with the Lancashire coast and the hills of the Bowland Forest just visible on the horizon.

Seen over the sands of Morecambe Bay, the long finger of Know End Point.

Viewing Warton Crag from Park Point.

The solitude of Morecambe Bay, not a soul in this view to Know End Point.

On the ragged edge where limestone cliffs meet the sand and salt water of Morecambe Bay, looking towards Silverdale from the shingle Bank at Far Arnside.

Grange-over-Sands as seen from Arnside Knott.

Sitting on the edge of Red Hills drinking in views over Milnthorpe Sands and upper Morecambe Bay.

Sylvan Beetham Fell seen from Red Hills.

On the short walk from Red Hills to Arnside sea front the air has cleared, here we have the Kent Viaduct backed by Whitbarrow.

Same as earlier but considerably clearer, Arnside.

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