Arnside Coast and Woodland.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Sandside - Arnside - Arnside Moss - Hazelslack - Underlaid Wood - Fairy Steps - Wood Edge - Beetham - Heron Corn Mill - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. After my endeavors in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday I decided on a quiet Bank Holiday stroll today, if there's such a thing in these parts. The old port of Milnthorpe is usually a pretty quiet place these days, I decided to walk from there, follow the Bela to the estuary, then make my way to Arnside.

I entered Dallam Park at Old Bridge once the main route to the Port of Milnthorpe, from there I followed the river down stream, the edge of the estuary guided me onwards. With mud on my boots I wandered south passing the Ship Inn before walking along the sea front at Sandside, where the pavement ended a gate allowed access to the track bed of the now disused Hincaster/Arnside railway. The old track bed made for easy walking as far as Arnside, a short stroll through the streets, a quick lunch and I was back on route striding out over the Limestone Link footpath.

This old coffin route from Arnside to Beetham carried me through fields and woodland passing Hazelslack Tower and the Fairy Steps en route to Beetham. After a short wander through the streets I entered Dallam Park at the southern entrance, all that remained a short but interesting stroll through the deer park back to Old Bridge.

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The twin arches of Old Bridge once the main route to the Port of Milnthorpe, now an excellent foot bridge marking the north entrance/exit to Dallam Park.

Dallam Tower as seen from the banks of the River Bela.

In shadow Whitbarrow seen across the Bela Channel.

From Summer House Point views down the Sandside coast.

Reflections in the Kent Channel.

Looking to the sylvan slopes of Arnside Knott, seen from the start of the vast salt marsh to the north of the village.

Arnside seen from the embankment of the long disused Hincaster/Arnside railway.

Underlaid Wood hides the Whin Scar Crags, seen from Briery Bank, my route crosses the top of the hill later....

....but first Hazelslack Tower passed en route.

Approaching Underlaid Wood striding out along the old Coffin Route.

The Coffin Route passes over a number of limestone pavements in Underlaid Wood....

....where cliffs were unable to be scaled a route was honed out of the natural fissures in the rock.

The limestone crags on Whin Scar provided me with tantalizing glimpses back to ground already walked.

Arnside and Grange-over-Sands seen from above the Fairy Steps.

Free of the trees, with views over Beetham as far as the Howgill skyline.

This odd looking feature once served a purpose, it's a Ha-ha a Victorian method of walling without spoiling the natural lines of the park land, the original structure would have been minus the fence.

Whitbarrow seen over Dallam Tower.

Sometimes you see them, sometimes you dont, but the Dallam Fallow Deer are never very far away, today I was lucky.

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