Another Round of Derwent Water.

Start. Keswick (Crosthwaite Road car park)

Route. Keswick (Crosthwaite Road car park) - Fitz Park - Station Road - Lake Road - Friar's Crag - Strandshag Bay - The Ings - Stable Hills - Broomhill Point - Calfclose Bay - Ashness Gate - Barrow Bay - Kettlewell - Lodore - Great Bay - Manesty Park - Brandholme Bay - Brandholme Park - Hawes End - The Park - Fawe Park - Nichol End - Portinscale - Portinscale Bridge - Keswick.

Notes. Yes I'm here again, but this time not alone, my much neglected better half Sue accompanied me on this magical circuit. We dawdled, a lot, soaking up the atmosphere on this ramble through a landscape of water, woodland and high fell vistas, enjoying stunning views almost every step of the way.

After parking on Crosthwaite Road car park we dropped the required amount of cash into the honesty before following the dark waters of the River Greta south through Fitz Park, the path deposited us in Station Road which in turn guided us to Lake Road via a pie shop, then on to the shores of Derwent Water. It was early, mistakenly I thought we'd have Friar's Crag to ourselves, budding photographers lined the lake shore and the rock promontory of Friar's Crag, after grabbing a couple of shots we headed for the quiet.

The shore path ushered us along the edge of Strandshag Bay, the further we strolled from Friar's Crag the quieter it became. Over Stable Hills we wandered before rounding the delightful Calfclose Bay, the lake was lower than the last time I passed this way, enabling us to cling to the gravel shore line. Passed the Landing Stage at Ashness Gate we rambled to access Barrow Bay, after rounding lets call it Barrow Point? we reached the National Trust owned Kettlewell car park and the start of a woodland path that deposited us at Lodore.

The valley road guided us passed the Lodore Hotel (a temporary diversion one would hope) to be greeted by a finger-post inviting us to Manesty, a small cluster of houses and farm buildings on the opposite side of the valley. We obliged following a well trod path across the foot of Derwent Water, board walk paths then guided us over marsh land, we swung right at Park Nab letting the west shore path guide us north.

This is a wonderful trod allowing you to view ground already covered, as so many of the Lake District paths do. Through woodland we wandered, passed delightful bays with equally delightful names such as Myrtle, Abbot's, Withesike and Otterbield to name but a few. We strolled through ancient woodland, wetland and sheep pastures, the slate seat at Irene's View provided a perfect brew stop, we stopped for a snack at the Nichol End Mariner Café, not so perfect. From Nichol End tarmac ushered us into Portinscale. After passing The Chalet Tearoom and Restaurant the road swung sharp left, we turned right down a side road, a discreet arrow pointed the way. This path guided us across the Portinscale Suspension Bridge to access field paths leading back across the flood plane of the Rivers Greta and Derwent back to Keswick.

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Skiddaw seen from Fitz Park.

The Landing Stages at Keswick with early morning views to Causey Pike, Barrow and Grisedale Pike.

Cat Bells viewed from Friars Crag.

Looking to Friar's Crag from Strandshag Bay.

Rising high above Derwent Water Skelgill Bank leading to Car Bells.

Wonderful shining levels, a view over the east shore of Derwent Water, our route ahead.

A large split boulder of local Borrowdale volcanic lava placed on the rock strewn shore to mark 100 years of the National Trust in the Lake District, nestled on the lake shore at Broomhill Point. 

At Calfclose Bay looking to Maiden Moor.

A taste of danger, Sue teeters on slippery rock, pass this point and the rest is straight forward, if you don't fancy it a perfectly good path runs above the low cliff.

With dry feet looking to Dodd and mighty Skiddaw.

The sheer beauty of Derwent Water, admire it with Falcon Crag looking on.

The Skiddaw massif as seen from the foot of Derwent Water.

The River Derwent.

There's a timeless quality about this view from the edge of Great Bay.

Filling the gap the Blease Fell face of Blencathra.

Another celebration of the birth of the National Trust, cupped hands at Brandelhow.

Towards Skiddaw from Victoria Bay.

Portinscale Bridge, as I said last time gateway to field paths leading back to Keswick.

Striding out across the flood plane of the Rivers Greta and Derwent, looking to Great Dodd and Watson's Dodd.

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