Another River Kent Ramble.

Start. Hawes Bridge

Route. Hawes Bridge - Scroggs - Romney Bridge - Abbot Hall Bridge - Kendal Castle - Parkside Road - Lancaster/Kendal Canal - Watercrook - Hawes Bridge.

Notes. Another River Kent Ramble, I again set off from Hawes Bridge this time on the west bank of the river heading north towards Kendal, I had every intention of crossing the river at Romney Bridge then follow the east bank south, instead I decided on a short diversion, read on.

I parked at Hawes Bridge to make my way up stream following the west bank passing a small disused mill en route to Scroggs, on reaching Scroggs with it's rather large mill (now private housing) I followed the path through Scroggs Wood eventually passing the Sewerage Works before reaching Romney Bridge. The sun was shining on Castle Hill like a beacon beckoning me onward, Kendal Castle here I come. I carry on walking north to pass the Parish Church and Abbot Hall Art Gallery before reaching a footbridge with fingerpost directing me to Kendal Castle, across busy Aynam Road up Sunnyside skirting the edge of Fletcher Park to enter the fields of Castle Hill. After exploring the castle my route took me south down the hill to pass through the cemetery, on reaching Parkside Road I turned right, down the hill and onto the canal (no water) then onward to Natland Road, just across Natland Road a tarmac lane leads to Watercrook Farm, I follow this to be met by a finger post directing me across fields to Hawes Bridge.

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From Hawes Bridge views up the River Kent.

Hawes Bridge spans the river near Natland.

The remains of a small mill with a rather large mill race, this mill used the waters of the river to power it's machinery to aid the production of Snuff.

Views north up the Kent, to the left the mill race.

Looking to Romney Bridge.

Kendal Castle bathed in sunlight.

Above Kendal Serpentine Wood.

Passed en route the Parish Church.

Also Abbot Hall Art Gallery.

Ascending Castle Hill looking to Kendal Fell and Serpentine Woods.

Above the valley of the River Kent with stunning views to the Kentmere fells, to the right sunlight on Potter Fell.

Stretching across the northern skyline the Whinfell Ridge.

Stretching across the eastern skyline the benson Knott.

The remains of Kendal Castle, built in the 12th century for the Barons of Kendal, birth place of Katherine Parr.

From a large window in the Main Hall views to Windy Hill in the east.

Looking to the Main Hall with Benson Knott to the right.

Exploring the ruins of Kendal Castle.

Back on the banks of the Kent looking to the weir at Scroggs, Watercroock Roman Fort lies in the field to the right.

As I cross the fields my route passes this strange feature, possibly a burial mound.

Nearly at journeys end looking to The Helm.

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