Another Circuit from Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Ash Meadows New Barns - Blackstone Point - White Creek - Park Point - Far Arnside - Elm Slack - Eaves Wood - Pepper Pot - Middlebarrow Wood - Arnside Tower - Arnside Knott Wood - Red Hills Wood - Arnside.

Notes. Forced into a delayed start owing to work commitments, with heavy rain and thunder forecast for later in the day the hills of Lakeland were out of the question, my window of opportunity was narrow, if in doubt good old Arnside always comes up trumps. A walk over familiar ground with plenty of bolt holes to escape the imminent tempest.

Arnside greeted me with the long eerie whine of the klaxon, a warning the tide is about to arrive, it doesn't’t flow in quietly in these parts but arrives with a cooling of the air, an eerie silence followed by the thunder of running water. People enjoying themselves on the beach were already making a hasty exit. I strolled south down the estuary, passed the Lifeboat Station and Grubbins Wood before skirting New Barns to access Blackstone Point. At this point I noticed distant sea birds rising from the mud flats of the bay, usually a sign the tide is approaching, then it was there a small wave racing up the estuary, in it's wake turbulent water cut deep into the channel edges, I stood a while before being forced to retreat. A brisk stroll across White Creek followed to access the cliffs at Park Point. With the security of a cliff top path under foot I wandered on, limestone cliff and woodland soon gave way to holiday homes, I wandered through Far Arnside to join field paths leading to Holgates. Way-marked paths guided me past the swimming pool (open to the public) then onto the coast road, the short walk over tarmac carried me to a public foot-path leading through Elmslack.

Up hill passing rather plush houses I walked to access Eaves Wood, way-marked paths guide me to an old friend the Pepper Pot. After a short respite I headed east, always keeping the dry stone wall to my left, I wandered on to a small stile allowing access to Middlebarrow Wood. After crossing said stile I descended, again in the company of a dry stone wall, soon Arnside Tower loomed above the tree tops, I passed the derelict tower and Arnside Tower Farm before entering Arnside Knott Wood. The path I followed entered Red Hills Wood where I promptly got lost, not once or twice but thrice, eventual I found the right path, the path that would carry me to the tarmac of High Knott Road, as I approached the exit of the forestry the constant drumming of rain, heavy rain high up in the canopy caught my attention, I donned my waterproofs before starting the short walk back through the streets of Arnside.

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The Compensation Pier at Arnside, tourists like expectant parents sit waiting for the arrival of the tide.

Sunlight catches the summit of Hampsfell with the cliffs and woodland of Meathop Fell looking a little sombre across the estuary.

Views taken looking back up the Kent Estuary.

New Barns Bay, my route followed the tree line round the point.

In the distance the Kent Viaduct backed by the blue/grey hills of South Lakeland.

From Blackstone Point sylvan Meathop Fell.

From the cliffs at Blackstone Point endless views across the mud flats of Morecambe Bay.

Fading into the distance Heysham Power Stations.

A small wave marks the start of the flooding tide, small today, come in winter and I'll guarantee it'll be a lot bigger, I wouldn't be standing here.

Viewing Meathop Fell over a fast rising tide.

Taking in the view across White Creek.

Wet sand at Park Point.

Wonderful views from the edge of Arnside Park.

The Newton Fell seen across upper Morecambe Bay.

From the safety of a cliff top path, looking to the long sweep of the Lancashire coast.

Big skies and changing seascapes, with heavy rain washing across the bay.

Know End Point as seen from the shingle beach at Far Arnside.

This is the view the rather smart static caravans have at Far Arnside.

An old friend the Pepper Pot with views over Silverdale.

Exploring the crumbling ruins of Arnside Tower.

Arnside Knott rising above Arnside Tower Farm.

Cottage in the grounds of Ash Meadow House, built in the 1800s now used as a store by the allotment holders.

In driving rain looking south.

The weather gods have cleared the pier, there's not a soul around everybody's ran for cover.

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