An Evening on the Kendal Scars.

Start. Queen's Road.

Route. Queen's Road - Tram Heights - Kendal Fell - Cunswick Fell - Cunswick Scar - Underbarrow Road - Scout Scar - Helsington Barrows - Bradleyfield - Kendal Racecourse - Brigsteer Road - Queen's Road.

Notes. What a difference a day makes, yesterday under grey skies I wandered round Silverdale, today the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the snow is crisp under foot. I'm forced to make a late start due to the inconvenience of Christmas shopping, you can't beat an evening walk over the Kendal scars especially on a wonderful evening like this.

I parked just off Queen's Road on a small car park at the bottom of what's locally known as The Tram Heights, a tram way once lead to and from the small quarries under Kettlewell Crag, the stone was used to build Kendal Prison. I ascended over tarmac before stepping onto a well trod path, following the intake wall I wandered north accompanied by stunning views over Kentmere, the Shap Fells with the Howgill's to the east. Just before Kettlewell Crag a path ascends over Kendal Fell, I followed this crossing the golf course to reach the foot-bridge over Kendal bypass. Leaving the hum of traffic behind I ascended through fields to the large cairn marking the summit and northern end of Cunswick Scar.

Following the scar south I passed behind Scar Woods just as the sun was setting, dam it, the wrong place at the wrong time. I wandered on reaching Underbarrow Road followed by the short ascent of Scout Scar, the scar was alive with people all intent on enjoying the gloaming, on a wonderful evening like this who could blame them. Casually wandering on I passed the mushroom before reaching a dry stone wall and trig point, this marked the start of my descent, reluctantly I turned my back on the scar descending to the east as night fell. Through an eerie landscape I wandered before crossing Kendal Racecourse to reach Brigsteer Road, it was quite dark as I descended into Kendal, the orange glow of street lights welcomed me for the final half mile.

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Benson Knott seen over Kendal, my home town.

Under heavy snow the Kentmere Fells.

Seen from near Kettlewell Crag the Shap Fells and Whinfell Ridge.

Stunning views to a skyline of Lakeland giants.

On Kendal Fell in the wonderful glow of early evening looking to Scout Scar.

The Eastern slopes of Cunswick Scar show no sign of the drama just over the skyline.

Gracing the eastern skyline the Howgill Fells.

From the ascent of Cunswick Scar views back to Kendal Fell.

There are magical views to be had from the summit of Cunswick Scar, here we have the Kentmere massif.

With my back to the cairn there's a wonderful winters view to the south.

Rising above Windy Hill, across the skyline the Middleton and Barbon High Fells.

Stunning conditions on Cunswick Scar with equally stunning views to High Street.

Looking south through the wonderful orange glow of early evening, the view Whitbarrow across Lyth Valley.

An icy wonderland on the Kendal Scars, looking to the Whinfell Ridge.

Who needs summer when winter brings scenes like this one, across the skyline the Coniston massif.

On the slopes of Scout Scar looking to a late evening glow on Cunswick Scar.

Timeless views over Lyth Valley.

Seen from Scout Scar's icy plateau, High Street, Kentmere Pike and Green Quarter Fell.

A wonderful panorama over a timeless landscape, I don't know about you but I can just make out the Langdale Pikes on the skyline in the centre of the shot, views don't come better than this.

Arnside Knott seen over Lyth Valley.

Stunted trees and scrub adorn the limestone plateau above the scars.

Also decorating this limestone landscape the Mushroom, raised in 1912 to commemorate the coronation of King George V.

A beautiful orange afterglow over Whitbarrow, with a bank of cloud hanging over the Irish Sea coast.

Arnside Knott and Morecambe Bay seen from near Hodgson's Leap.

The Trig Point on Scout Scar.

A winter wonderland across Helsington Barrows.

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