Aimless Wandering.

Start. Silverdale.

Route. Silverdale (Shore Road) - Lindeth Road - Woodwell Lane - Woodwell - Scout Wood - The Chase - Pointer Wood - Sharp's Lot - Pointer Wood - The Chase - Stanklet Road - Bottoms Lane - Bottoms Well - Lambert's Meadow - Burton Wood - The Row - Silverdale Golf Coarse - Storrs lane - The Trough - Trowbarrow Nature Reserve - Moss Lane - Red Bridge Lane - Park Road - Eaves Wood - Elmslack - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - Red Rake - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. Sometimes your heart just isn't in it, today was one of those days. Tied up at work all morning I was left with the afternoon to kill, stuck at home all I could see was that bloody garden, or fix a leaking gutter I'd promised to do weeks ago, neither appealed, having said that neither did walking. I killed some time in the house, every time the sun broke through the cloud I'd reach for the car keys, eventually picking them up. I hadn't a clue where I was heading but it was getting late, in the event I stepped from the car in Silverdale, the start of a ramble in an attempt to capture some Autumn colours, and maybe a sparkling Morecambe Bay sunset. Silverdale greeted with various hues of green, not very Autumnal at all, oh what would I give for Borrowdale right now, all was not lost, the evening sun would paint the landscape the gold's, yellows and russets I longed for, well it would if it wasn't for that bloody bank of cloud, that was that, my heart was in Borrowdale, but here I was in Silverdale, aimlessly wandering.

This walk followed finger-posts for most of the route, a short diversion into Pointer Wood then Sharp's Meadow saw me wandering over new ground, I passed Woodwell and Bottomes Well, plodded across Lambert's Meadow then trudged through The Row, at a snails pace I traversed Silverdale Golf Course, god that doesn't half annoy the golfers, I enjoyed that section immensely. I passed Silverdale Railway Station, it was unusually busy, then Leighton Moss Visitors Centre, wich is always busy, I accessed The Trough then Trowbarrow Nature Reserve before descending to Moss Lane, with tarmac under foot I wandered to Park Road where I entered Eaves Wood. The path carried me passed some redundant water tanks (at least that's what I think they are) before depositing me in Elmslack, a short walk over way-marked paths followed before the tarmac surface of Cove Road guided me to the stoney beach at Silverdale Cove, the tide was in and that bank of cloud still hung over the bay. “You can't always have it your own way” I told myself unconvincingly, as I plodded through The Lots back to the patiently waiting car.

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Wandering up Woodwell Lane en route to Woodwell.

The pool at Woodwell.....

.....and spring.

The path through Scout Wood.....

.....emerges into a meadow gifting me with the first signs of Autumn.

In Scout Wood nearing The Chase.

In Sharp's Lot looking to Pointer Wood.

Stanklet Road looking to the junction with Bottoms Lane.

The outlet of Bottoms Well.

Views over Lambert's Meadow to Burton Wood.

Crossing Lambert's Meadow.

Cringlebarrow Wood seen over Silverdale Golf Course.

Trowbarrow Nature Reserve.

The Shelter Stone.

A reassuring path guides me through Eaves Wood.....

.....passed what I can only presume are redundant water tanks.

From Elmslack views over Morecambe Bay.

The village of Silverdale as seen from Elmslack.

High tide at Silverdale Cove.

Seen from Silverdale Cove, Humphrey Head across the rising waters of Morecambe Bay.

Far across the bay, the towers of Heysham Nuclear Power Stations.

Plodding through The Lots with views to Humphrey Head for company.

Again, Humphrey Head this time over the Fisherman's Cottages on the edge of Silverdale Bay.

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