A Round of Arnside Park.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Red Hills Road - Knott Lane - Dobshall Wood - Knott Lane - Arnside Knott car park - Heathwaite - Hollins Farm - Far Arnside - Park Point - Arnside Point - White Creek - Frith Wood - New Barns - Arnside.

Notes. I was moseying around the house feeling sorry for myself, still full of cold, still a mucous machine. It got to half ten when the urge to get outdoors got the better of me, I'd head into the Lakes, keep the walk short, not too hilly, seemed a good plan. Good plan it may have been, as I turned onto the main road that wonderful skyline that greets me every day had vanished, conjured away under a thick blanket of low cloud, the real dark stuff that usually results in a good soaking, sod that. That's why I found myself in Arnside, it was going to be Milnthorpe or Silverdale village but I opted for the middle ground, good old Arnside a friend in a crisis.

After parking on the Promenade I wandered down the estuary, the tide was ebbing the sand was soft under foot and gloopy, gloopy makes for hard going so I ascended the alley next to the old boat yard, this ejected me onto Red Hills Road. After wandering to the junction of Red Hills Road and Knott Lane I was greeted by a finger-post, an invitation to Dobshall Wood, I'd never set foot in that woodland before, so braved crossing a field full of vicious looking bovine beasts, the cows couldn't have cared less whom was invading their home. The path skirted the wood then dumped me back on Knott Lane a few yards from where I left it, disappointed I'd hoped to access Red Hills from this birch wood.

I climbed Knott Lane with Red Hills to my left, this walking up hill business with a bad cold makes me wheeze, it's eerie I kept thinking somebody was talking to me, turning round several times not to be ignorant. After passing the car park me and my invisible friend continued to a major path junction, we turned right, descend to Far Arnside where I was able to join the coast, I seemed to have lost my invisible friend somewhere on the descent.

Coastal walking all the way back from here, just me and the stunning Morecambe Bay scenery. Through coppice woodland, above limestone cliffs and across a shingle bank I leisurely wandered, the beauty of the bay accompanying my every step. After chatting to a lone angler on the edge of New Barns Bay, I rounded the bay to start the short walk back to Arnside.

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The Kent Viaduct backed by the limestone cliffs of Whitbarrow.

Dobshall Wood.

Seen from Knott Lane the whitewashed buildings of Grange-over-Sands with Hampsfell rising to the right.

Red Hills passed on the ascent of Knott Lane.

A gap in the trees near Arnside Knott car park gifted me with this view, Hampsfell across upper Morecambe Bay.

From the edge of Heathwaite views over Arndale to Middlebarrow and Eaves Woods.

Heathwaite under blue sky.

Strolling through the birch woods of Arnside Park en route to the coast.

The view that greeted me when I emerged from the tree cover, wonderful silvery seascapes, the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay.

Know End Point seen across Silverdale Bay.

Wandering along the jagged edge where land meets the salt water and shifting sand of Morecambe Bay.

Drinking in the view from Park Point, a long long time ago when I was a youngster these cliffs were bordered by sea washed turf, from White Creek to Jenny Brown's Point, it vanished over the proceeding years....

....but is now returning, fast, the bay is changing who knows what it will be like in a few years time, maybe this view to Meathop Fell will be green with a deep narrow channel.

Above the cliffs at Blackstone Point, looking over the remains of the short jetty to the limestone cliffs of Meathop Fell and the Newton Fells.

This channel does more moving around than Pickfords, today it follows the edge of New Barns Bay creating a good leading line to sylvan Arnside Knott.

Grubbins Wood across New Barns Bay with the Kent Viaduct just visible separating land from sea.

The White Scar cliffs of Whitbarrow seen across the Kent Channel.

Arnside capturing the afternoon sun.

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