A Gloomy Morning in Easedale.

Start. Grasmere.

Route. Grasmere - Easedale Road - New Bridge - Sourmilk Gill - Easedale Tarn - Far Easedale - Stythwaite Steps - Easedale Road - Grasmere.

Notes. There was music in my ears, the banging of the jungle drums (heavy rain), a sound I didn't like, getting louder and faster, rain dripping of my nose suggested it might not be a good idea to climb the hill today, I'm only out because my doctor's advised me to get more exercise, the poor misguided soul. I described the hills as brooding witches the last time I was out, well they were brooding today all right, at least the one's I could see.

My head down against the weather I wandered up Easedale Road my destination Easedale Tarn, favoured by Victorian gentle folk on dry days, they laid the original track to service a tea shop they built at the tarn, I intended to step off said track to ascend Eagle Crag and Blea Rigg, then follow the ridge back to Grasmere, well that was my intention.

I left Easedale Road at a small cops, with the waters of Easedale Beck for company I started the short walk up the valley, the sound of jungle drums was suddenly replaced by the thunder of falling water, the cascades and cataracts of Sourmilk Gill were well spectacular today. After chancing a few photos I wandered on, the gill accompanied me all the way to Easedale Tarn, where I sat down to consider my options. Although the rain had stopped visibility was pretty awful, in the event I crossed the outflow to follow the well walked path into Far Easedale. After fording Far Easedale Beck at Stythwaite Steps, (steps in name only a bridge replaced the stepping stones a number of years ago, in fact that bridge has since been replaced by another), I turned right to follow the bridleway back to Grasmere.

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A Small slice of Grasmere.

Seen through the mist and rain, Fairfield broods above the grey slate houses of Grasmere.

This wooden foot-bridge allows access to a small cops, the portal into Easedale.

Helm Crag seen over Easedale.

The white water of Sourmilk Gill escapes upper Easedale in a organised jumble of water shoots, cascades and cataracts.

Considerably closer....

....and closer still.

From this splendid fall and plunge pool views to a hazy Helm Crag.

Hazy views from Brinhowe Crag.

Another hazy view from above Sourmilk Gill.

Easedale Tarn looking towards the steep slopes of Tarn Crag, trust me on this one, I've been up there many times.

Somewhere in the murk Blea Rigg and Eagle Crag, I think I'll give them a miss today and....

....descend into Far Easedale, the start of the path follows the opposite bank of Sourmilk Gill.

Through the mist the ridge leading to Tarn Crag.

Looking south to the slopes of Helm Crag.

Far Easedale, Ill make you a promise dear reader, on a fine day with decent views I'll take you for a ramble to the head of the valley.

The foot-bridge at Stythwaite Steps.

It may only be visible after a long damp spell but this small curtain of water is my favourite shot of the day, some may say I'm easily pleased.

Striding over the tarmac surface of Easedale Road viewing Helm Crag, looking much like it did first thing this morning.

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