A Circuit of Leighton Moss.

Start. Silverdale (Shore Road).

Route. Silverdale - Lindeth Road - Woodwell Lane - Woodwell - Hollins Lane - Heald Brow - Quaker's Stang - Crag Foot - Stoney Wood - Peter Lane - Summer House Hill - Yealand Manor - Deepdale Wood - Yealand Storrs - Yealand Hall Allotment - Hawes Water - Challan Hall - Waterslack - The Row - Bottom Lane - Silverdale.

Notes. Here's one to try, a ramble through woodland and sheep pastures, limited views but a wonderful walk to the tune of bird song, the humble woodpecker on drums. Silverdale on a Bank Holiday Monday, it was early the crowds that will inevitably arrive are probably just falling out of bed, I parked on Shore Road, loads of space.

Via Shore Road then Lindeth Road I made my way to a finger-post announcing I'd reached the lane to Woodwell, this spring and pool were once used to provide clean water for the villagers and their livestock, it's now just a cool place to sit and while a way a few minutes en route to better things. A friendly finger-post pointed to my next destination Heald Brow and Quaker's Stang. The route ran below Woodwell Cliffs before ejecting me onto a tarmac lane, I crossed before following the path over Heald Brow then on over an embankment to Quaker's Stang, a strange name, not marked on all maps. The area is notorious for dangerous quicksand, the general consensus is the name Quaker's Stang derives from old English for Quicksand Pools, stang meaning pool or pond, well that's what the scholars claim, want a Carlo theory, maybe it's simply a pool belonging to or used by Quaker's, after all the area is famed for it's Quaker history, you decide while I wander on to Crag Foot.

From Crag Foot my route turned north towards Moss House Farm before turning right up hill, I wandered through woodland the path lined with wild garlic, I passed through sheep pastures alive with new born lambs. This green trod guided me between limestone scars, through woodland before ejecting me onto Peter Lane, once an ancient coach road now a narrow tarmac lane, a lane that guided me to Summer House Hill where I sat drinking coffee soaking up stunning views over Leighton Park. I've been here many times and many times I've descended to Leighton Hall, today was to be different. I strolled east across the hill passed a large cairn, the remains of a Gothic summer house built by the Gillow family of Leighton Hall. My descent was welcomed by a finger-post inviting me to Deepdale, I obliged wandering through pastures and woodland, through Deepdale Wood I picked my way then Cringlebarrow Wood before escaping the tree cover at Yealand Storrs, a short walk through the village followed to access the path traversing Yealand Hall Allotment, this path also guided me through woodland and pastoral land depositing me at Hawes Water, a large lake, an enigma in limestone country as water usually seeps underground.

Once at Hawes Water I strolled north rounding the lake before passing behind Challan Hall, I crossed a tarmac road then the railway line to access Waterslack, the access lane ushered me to a road junction, I turned right, wandered to the next junction, took another right then immediately left on a narrow lane signed The Row. I slowly wandered passed smart dwellings of various ages and sizes, it's a lovely little village. On reaching a substantial sign inviting me to Silverdale via St John's Church, completely out of character to the discreet finger-posts that had been guiding me, I entered sheep pastures for the short walk back to Silverdale.

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The spring at Woodwell.

From sheep pastures above Heald Brow views to Arnside Knott.

Striding out across the embankment near Quaker's Stang, looking back to Heald Brow.

Sylvan Warton Crag.

En route through Stoney Wood.

Sheep pastures above Moss House Farm looking to the vast reed beds of Leighton Moss.

Seen from the tarmac surface of Peter Lane a skyline of Lakeland giants.

Drinking hot coffee soaking up stunning views over Leighton Hall.

Summer House Hill provides a fine view point, grey on the horizon the Coniston massif.

Farleton Fell seen from near Yealand Storrs.

Viewing Arnside Knott over Gait Barrows en route to Hawes Water.

Challan Hall across Hawes Water.

Wandering through sheep pastures near The Row looking to Eaves Wood.

Across that field Silverdale village and the Church of St John.

Viewing the grasslands of The Park from the field in the shot above.

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