A Circuit from Silverdale Village.

Start. Silverdale (Shore Road)

Route. Silverdale (Shore Road) - Lindeth Road - Wolf House - Jack Scout - Jenny Brown's Point - Fleagarth Wood - Hollins Lane - Slackwood Lane - The Row - Dogslack Well - The Row - Eaves Wood - Kingwilliam's Hill - Castlebarrow - Pepper Pot - Elmslack - Cove Road - Silverdale Cove - The Lots - Silverdale.

Notes. More thunderstorms forecast for today, the urge to stay indoors was oh so tempting, but by ten am boredom got the best of me, again I pointed the car to the coast, destination Silverdale village.

With no particular route in mind I'd just follow my nose. My nose guided me from Shore Road onto Lindeth Road, passed the Wolf House then down the lane to Jack Scout. It was quite busy in this National Trust owned area of limestone grassland and scrub, I skirted the top of the cliffs, descending to the muddy shore at one point to escape the crowds, before re-joining the main trod. The main trod in turn guided me to the embankment at Jenny Brown's Point, the remains of a failed Victorian land grabbing scheme, slowly being re-claimed by the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay. On round the coast I wandered passed the Browns Houses and Smelt Mill Chimney to access a path junction, the obligatory finger-post invited me to a number of destinations, it was Fleagarth Wood and Hollins Lane for me.

The path, narrow in places followed the field boundary before swinging uphill entering mature woodland via a limestone stile, or metal gate if you're on horse back. This time of year the path through Fleagarth Wood is but a pleasant woodland stroll, visit in April and the wild garlic is stunning, rivers of white spill down the hillside, carpeting the forest floor, the smell is overpowering. I exited the woodland into Hollins Lane making a mental note to return in April. I could have wandered back to Silverdale at this point, as the forecast rain was still over the horizon I turned right at the road junction.

This stretch of grey ribbon is Slackwood Lane the main route for motor traffic to Silverdale, it can get busy, by this time most outdoor types have left their cars and were enjoying the countryside, the road was quiet. I descended the hill to access The Row, a narrow lane with a cluster of houses lining its verges. Through The Row I wandered, a few houses to my left Silverdale Golf Course my right, on reaching the first house on the right a finger-post invited me to Dogslack Well. I obliged following the path into a large natural trough, passing the well with the later addition of a hand pump protruding from it, the path terminated at a stile. As this was the only way to go, I let yellow arrows guide me into woodland before ejecting me back into The Row, I turned right.

With tarmac under foot I wandered on, the lane ended opposite Eaves Wood car park, I entered letting graded paths and finger-posts usher me through this delightful wood. Passed the ruins of Emes Cottage, a three room structure possible home to the forester or gamekeeper. Through a fine circle of mighty beech trees then on to the Pepper Pot and stunning views over Silverdale and Morecambe Bay. After resting a while I bid my farewells to the Pepper Pot, the path guided me south along the edge of a dry stone wall depositing me on another path, this wider well used path guided me into Elmslack.

The path through Elmslack was well signed, shepherding me between some exclusive properties before ejecting me onto Cove Road, after descending the tarmac of said road I stepped into Silverdale Cove. Thunder could be heard rumbling across the bay, dark clouds above my head threatened rain, with a little hast I headed across The Lots. Half way across the second field, almost back at the car the heavens opened. I arrived back at my destination soaked through to the skin, a damp end to a hot, humid but thoroughly enjoyable ramble.

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The Wolf House.

On Jack Scout looking over Cows Mouth Cove, across the sands of the bay to a distant Humphrey Head.

The vast arc of the Lancashire coast as seen from Jack Scout.

Looking towards sylvan Arnside Park with the grey hills of Lakeland across the horizon.

Under the cliffs of Jack Scout where vain's of quarts run through the limestone, and today dark clouds drift over the northern reaches of Morecambe Bay.

The embankment at Jenny Brown's Point.

What a place to live, the Browns Houses....

....with unrestricted views across the bay.

Seen from Jenny Brown's Point, tree covered Warton Crag.

All that remains of a copper smelter at Jenny Brown's Point, a monument to a past way of life.

En route through Fleagarth Wood.

Dogslack Well just off The Row.

The beech circle found in Eaves Wood.

Woodland paths guide me to the....

....Pepper Pot and stunning views across Silverdale and Morecambe Bay.

Looking to Silverdale village from Castlebarrow Hill.

Views taken across Morecambe Bay from Silverdale Cove.

The scene from Silverdale Cove, Grange over Sands with the ridge of Hampsfell rising behind.

Striding out across The Lots looking over the Fisherman's Cottages on the shore at Silverdale, to the dark finger of Humphrey Head.

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