A Circuit from Milnthorpe including, Dallam Park, Slack Head and Haverbrack Bank.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Dallam Park - Beetham - Beetham Park - Marble Quarry - Slack Head - Beetham Fell - Fairy Steps - Underlaid Wood - Longtail Wood - haverbrack Fell - Dallam Park - Milnthorpe.

Notes. I was forced to make a late start this morning, I intended to head into Yorkshire, the walk I'd planned would take too long for the time available, instead I made the short drive to Milnthorpe, I would do a circuit from Milnthorpe, hopefully the sun would shine, hopefully.

The weather forecast predicted drizzle, as I left Milnthorpe it was raining, big wet thunder drops, as I crossed the footbridge into Dallam Park it stopped. On a way marked path I headed south through delightful parkland eventually reaching Beetham, I continued south crossing rough cow pastures following the path to Hale. Before reaching Hale a fingerpost directed me into woodland en route to Slack Head Marble Quarry, I follow the yellow arrows through dense woodland crossing the quarries before reaching a tarmac lane, right up the hill to reach Slack Head, then down hill on the road to Beetham, part way down the hill a fingerpost invited me to the Fairy Steps. I'm now walking the route of the Old Corpse Road linking Arnside and Beetham, it conveyed me through some delightful woodland before reaching the cliffs of Whin Scar. A narrow path leads north above the limestone cliffs, I follow this to reach Cockshot Lane, right then left into more woodland, the sign read Milnthorpe, the path ascended a long ridge, if it wasn't for the trees the views would be quite extensive, suddenly the woodland thinned, I wander through a gate onto Haverbrack Bank. I'm greeted with stunning views over the upper Kent Estuary, I follow the wall down hill across a lane into yet more woodland to access the Sandside Road, here I turn left then almost immediately right onto the old railway embankment, my day ends strolling along the banks of the River Bela back through Dallam Park to Milnthorpe, as I crossed the footbridge for the second time the rain was falling again, the same old big wet drops.

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The River Bela at Milnthorpe.

The cliffs of Whitbarrow Scar seen from Dallam Park.

Wandering through the park land of Dallam looking to the blue/grey hills of Lakeland.

Views to Beetham across the skyline the woodland of Beetham Park.

I've left Beetham and am wandering through rough cow pastures above Beetham Tower, the view is of Farleton Fell.

Across the skyline Hutton Roof Crags.

Beetham Tower one of the best examples of a fortified farm house to be found.

Hunting for yellow arrows on posts in the dense woodland of Beetham Park.

The limestone blocks in Slack Head Marble Quarry.

On the Corps Road heading for Whin Scar.

On Whin Scar above the Fairy Steps looking to Arnside Knott and the Kent Channel.

Rising from the sands of upper Morecambe Bay Hampsfell.

On Haverbrack Bank looking to Heversham.

On Haverbrack Bank with wonderful views over south Lakeland.

The view over Milnthorpe seen on the descent from Haverbrack Bank.

The Lake District skyline seen over the sands of Morecambe Bay.

The River Bela below Milnthorpe Bridge, tidal at this point.

The weir at Dallam marks the end of the tidal section of the Bela.

The single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge spans the river below Dallam Tower.

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