A Circuit from Milnthorpe.

Start. Milnthorpe.

Route. Milnthorpe - Old Bridge - Dallam Park - Heron Corn Mill - Beetham - Underlaid Wood - Beetham Fell - Cockshot Lane - Storth - Storth Road - Park Road - Sandside - Dallam Park - Milnthorpe Bridge - Dallam Park - Old Bridge - Milnthorpe.

Notes. I woke this morning with every intention of ascending High Street, an early start to avoid the Bank Holiday weekend crowds, it was pouring with rain, bleary eyed I crawled back into bed. An hour later the rain had stopped, after a quick brew and some breakfast it was raining again, this time heavier, I guess I must be getting soft, I hung around the house, watched the Moto GP, then hung around some more. It was early afternoon before I got wet feet taking a wander up the garden, make a note, must get the grass cut. To my surprise the bank of rain bearing cloud ended a few miles to the south, upper Morecambe Bay basked in glorious sunshine, it's not High Street but at least it looked dry, Milnthorpe here I come.

I left Milnthorpe guided by Park Road, on reaching Old Bridge I crossed the River Bela to enter Dallam Park. A delightful wander through park land followed, way marked paths carried me between ancient oaks and mighty limes, depositing me in the car park belonging to the Heron Corn Mill. Ignoring the way marked path to the right I wandered down the narrow tarmac lane, Mill Lane guided me into Beetham village where I turned right. I walked through the village passing the church of St Michael and All Angels then the Wheatsheaf Inn before ascending the hill, keep your eyes open for a little gem on the left, easily missed hidden in a small grotto, a shrine to St Leoba. After passing the grotto a finger-post invited me into the woods, I entered, a good path guided me over Beetham Fell before reaching a small cairn come way-mark, two routes to Cockshot Lane, my way was the left hand path. Descending above limestone cliffs I sacrificed height quickly, small arrows nailed to posts directed me into a large meadow then through a narrow stile to enter Cockshot Lane, I turned left, just round the corner the long drawn out village of Storth awaited.

At an obvious cross-roads (Four Lanes End) I turned right into Storth Road, somewhere along this road a rather inconspicuous finger-post points the way to Sandside, I followed this path, at first it looks like you're about to trespass, then suddenly the path veers left guiding you into yet more woodland. I emerged onto Park Road, a short walk over tarmac lead to the Sandside sea front and the start of a delightful stretch of road walking back to Dallam Park. I entered the park via the railway embankment, all that remains of a stone and cast iron viaduct that once spanned the Bela at this point. With the river to my left I slowly wandered back, carefully crossing Park Road at Milnthorpe Bridge then following the tarmac lane passed North Lodge to access the rest of the park at a metal kissing gate opposite Dallam Tower, from the gate Old Bridge was visible across a stretch of the river known locally as the Bela Wheel.

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Ascending through Dallam Park looking to Whitbarrow across upper Morecambe Bay.

Another view to Whitbarrow, this time over the 18th century pile of Dallam Tower.

Dating back to the 18th century the Deer Shelter.

The view north over Castle Hill, believed to have once been occupied by a Motte and Bailey castle built between 1066 and 1299.

The small shrine to St Leoba, anglo saxon nun, born in 710 Wessex, England, died on September 28th 782, connection with Beetham and the Arnside/Silverdale peninsula, haven't got a clue.

Striding out towards Beetham Fell.

This is a short but lovely stretch of path, and one I've never walked.....

.....the path across Beetham Fell.

The last few miles have been woodland walking, I eventually emerged into this large meadow surrounded by trees.

From Sandside views across the Kent Estuary.

Grey on the skyline the humps and bumps, scree and cliffs of the Langdale Pikes.

Once washed by the sea, the cliffs of Whitbarrow.

Dark across the horizon Hampsfell with the Kent Viaduct far left.

Silvery views to the south, taking in Arnside and it's Knott.

Gracing the western horizon the grey bulk of Coniston Old man with Dow Crag to the left.

Seen from Sandside the sunlit lowlands of South Lakeland.

Just out of interest the last eight shots were taken from the Sandside sea front, once the old Port of Milnthorpe, boats sailed up the estuary at high tide to be unloaded at low water, their cargo transported by horse drawn carts via Dallam Park to the warehouses in Milnthorpe, any boats small enough to sail up the Bela were charged a small fee to unload at a private dock opposite Dallam Tower.

Stunning views south over upper Morecambe Bay.

Seen over the Bela channel, Heversham Head rises above Milnthorpe Marsh.

Seen from the old track bed of the Hincaster/Arnside railway, the Bela and Kent channels with Whitbarrow across the skyline.

The weir in Dallam Park, marks the end of the tidal section of the Bela.

Dallam Park as seen through the single arch of Milnthorpe Bridge.

Looking up the Bela towards Old Bridge once the main route to Sandside and the coast, the slopes to the right were once walled providing a wharf, allowing smaller vessels to dock after navigating the tidal river, all this before the construction of the Kent Viaduct ended coastal trade in upper Morecambe Bay.

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