A Circuit from Leighton Moss Visitors Centre, including Yealand Hall Allotment, Gait Barrows and Eaves Wood.

Start. Leighton Moss Visitors Centre.

Route. Visitors Centre - Leighton Moss - Grisedale - Yealand Storrs - Yealand Hall Allotment - Gait Barrows - Hawes Water - Challan Hall - Waterslack - Eaves Wood - Bottoms Lane - Burton Well Wood - Lambert's Meadow - The Row - Silverdale Golf Corse - Visitors Centre.

Notes. I set out today from the Leighton Moss Visitors Centre with a promise of a good soaking before the day was through, a wander through limestone woodland seemed a good option, at least I may be able to seek out some shelter under the fresh canopy of spring foliage, after all with featureless grey skies and hazy views there's not a great deal to take photo's of. A good friend of mine once said "there's always something to photograph, you just have to open your eyes," I've seen photo's of his taken on wet days if mine were half as good I'd be happy.

After leaving the Visitors Centre car park I crossed Leighton Moss to access the fields of Grisedale, on field paths under leaden skies I wandered north to reach the small hamlet of Yealand Storrs, here at the road junction a gate allowed access to Yealand Hall Allotment, I entered as the rain started to fall, the majority of today's little outing would be spent wandering through dripping woodland in a vain attempt to keep dry. But first a quick dash through fields above Hawes Water to access Gait Barrows. My route passed behind Challan Hall then swung north before crossing the road and railway line to reach Waterslack followed by Eaves Wood. After following the main path through Eaves Wood I descended along the edge of Woodlands to access Bottoms Lane, the tarmac lane guided me past a restored lime kiln before reaching the entrance to Burton Well Wood. I entered the woods, on a good path I wandered on reaching then crossing Lambert's Meadow before stepping onto the tarmac of The Row. I turned right, a short walk down the lane a path lead across the links belonging to Silverdale Golf Club, walkers have the right of way but I still kept my eyes open for wayward golf balls. Unscathed I stepped into Red Bridge Lane to start the short walk back, passing Silverdale Railway Station before entering Storrs Lane, a hundred yards down the lane the car waited patiently in what had now become a deep muddy puddle.

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Grisedale Wood seen across the reed beds of Leighton Moss.

Thanks to the RSPB this delightful stretch of path keeps the rambler and the motorist apart.

Leighton Moss the largest reed bed in north-west England.

Walking between the reed beds it's hard to see anything unless you enter the public hide, which is nearly always busy, this is one spot where you do get a view.

Striding out through Grisedale looking back to Grisedale Wood.

Cringlebarrow Wood off route today, only because it hadn't started raining yet.

After entering Yealand Hall Allotment I followed a permissive path that loops round the top of the hill joining the main track further north, on a nice day there are some good views to be had.

This is the best I could manage, a hazy view over Leighton Moss and Morecambe Bay with Heysham Power Station on a grey horizon.

What I have seen is lots of Hawthorn blossom.

Rising through the persistent rain of a damp Silverdale afternoon Arnside Knott.

Hawthorn blossom borders the fields at the entrance to Gait Barrows.

The woodland path through Gait Barrows.

A delightful corner of Gait Barrows.

The woodland's quite a bit darker on this side of the reserve, but the paths are a delight to walk over.

Crossing the railway at Waterslack.

In Eaves Wood looking to Burton Well Wood across The Park.

My route through Eaves Wood.

Yew Trees in Eaves Wood.

Bottoms Lane Kiln.

Another woodland path, this time I'm striding through Burton Well Wood.

The path descends through this small copse of Yew, Hazel and Birch, it's also very dank in there making the wet path very slippery, this is the point I usually end up on my backside, not today.

Bluebells in Lambert's Meadow.

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