A Circuit from Leighton Moss Visitor Centre.

Start. Leighton Moss Visitor Centre.

Route. Leighton Moss Visitor Centre - Leighton Moss - Grisedale - Leighton Hall - Summer House Hill - Peter Lane - Grisedale Wood - Crag Foot - Heald Brow - Woodwell - Silverdale Green - St John's Church - The Row - Silverdale Golf Course - Leighton Moss Visitor Centre.

Notes. Every time I visit this extremely attractive limestone corner of Cumbria and Lancashire the draw of the sea proves irresistible. Today I fought the urge to feel estuary mud under my boot soles and the taste of salt on the lips, today I steered clear of cliff top paths and shingle beaches, I promised myself a wander through woodland, pasture and wetland, and an enjoyable walk it turned out to be.

Leighton Moss Visitor Centre marked my starting point, a short walk up the road took me to the causeway spanning the moss, I followed this track passed the public hides before ascending the lane to Grisedale Farm. The track now tarmac continued up hill soon reaching the Gothic pile of Leighton Hall, to my left a green path climbed Summer House Hill, I ascended to enjoy wonderful vistas from the view point. I sat a while before turning south, the path carried me along the ridge of the hill, passing through woodland before depositing me in Peter Lane, I turned right. With tarmac under foot I let this narrow lane guide me passed the entrance to Leighton Hall Estate then on to a finger-post inviting me to Crag Foot. A green lane under foot, I wandered on in the shadow of a large pine plantation, just after a metal drinking trough a faint path emerged from the right, this green trod carried me over a stile into ancient oak woods, these woods were light and airy sunlight reached the forest floor. I continued down hill soon emerging into sheep pastures, hemmed in by dense coppice woodland field paths guided me, another stretch of woodland rambling followed before I emerged at Crag Foot. A short walk along the coast road (New Road) followed before a finger-post on the left invited me to leave the tarmac behind, with a gravel lane under foot I wandered on, the gravel soon gave way to a green path running along the top of an embankment, at the end of the embankment I climbed Heald Brow, the short stretch of field walking that followed lead to Hollins Lane and a finger-post inviting me to Woodwell.

Woodwell's the perfect place to sit and relax, unfortunately half the elderly population of Silverdale were relaxing today, I quickly left ascending the cliffs to the left of the spring, more woodland and meadow walking followed before reaching Silverdale Green, this quaint corner of Silverdale is believed to be the original village, it's a wonderful quaint little place. No problems route finding ether, a finger-post next to the village notice board announced I'd reached the start of the path to St John's Church, I followed this through Silverdale Green soon crossing a stile to enter sheep pastures, on reaching the rear of the church the path swung right passing in front of a row of bungalows before crossing another meadow, I alighted onto a tarmac lane where I joined a footpath signed The Row. The Row's the sort of little hamlet I could quite easily live, strung out along the ridge of a low limestone hill, every house commands views over Silverdale Park, a narrow ribbon of tarmac links the row of modern and ancient dwellings. I followed the tarmac lane over the hill, passed the village pond then on to a finger-post promising this was the way to Silverdale Railway Station. The path guided me over the golf course onto Red Bridge Lane, I turned right, walked passed the Railway Station and golf club car park before turning left at the road junction, one hundred yards down the road the car waited patiently.

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Grisedale Wood as seen across Leighton Moss.

I'm traversing the causeway where the views are limited, Heald Brow rising above Leighton Moss.

Another gap in the reed beds allows a watery view to the south.

Views over Grisedale.

Looking to Summer House Hill over the farm buildings of Leighton Estate.

Heading through Grisedale with views over Laighton Moss to the blue/grey hills of the English Lake District.

The scene over Leighton Park seen from the ascent of Summer House Hill.

The stunning view from Summer House Hill view point.

Striding out along the crest of the hill, to my left over the wall, a number of large standing stones, a lime kiln and the remains of a Gothic summer house the hill takes it's name from....

....and to my right endless views over Morecambe Bay.

About to descend to Crag Foot.

For the past mile I've been walking through sheep pastures enclosed by dense coppice woodland, I immerged to this view, Leighton Moss with Arnside Knott top right.

The sylvan slopes of Warton Crag dwarf the white washed buildings of Crag Foot.

The prospect north from the embankment, over Grisedale Wood the limestone plateau of Farleton Fell.

The pool at Woodwell.

Seen from meadows behind St John's Church the grey plateau of Farleton Fell.

Eaves Wood across Silverdale Park.

Looking to The Row.

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