A Circuit from Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Station Road - Black Dyke Road - Hagg Wood - Middlebarrow Wood - Waterslack Wood - Eaves Wood - Middlwbarrow Wood - Arnside Tower - Holgates - Far Arnside - Park Point - Arnside Point - White Creek - Blackstone Point - New Barns - Grubbins Wood - Arnside.

Notes. My apologies for being back in Arnside, when time is of the essence it's close to home, always different and I like it there, and to cap things off, today was one of those days that promised nothing but gave everything, so maybe I should withdraw that apology. Step out with me, stick it out until the end you won't be disappointed, but like me don't forget to bring your walking boots, this time of year trainers aren't the best foot-wear to tackle muddy field paths, slippery limestone and the shore of upper Morecambe Bay.

Today I chased the sun, south to the edge of Morecambe Bay, the road terminated at Arnside where I sat and watched blue sky and sunshine slide ever further south. With grey skies and the threat of rain in the air I set out, turning my back on the coast following the tarmac of Station Road, then Black Dyke Road, when the road swung left just before the railway crossing a finger-post invited me to Middlebarrow, I obliged passing through a small paddock before following the edge of Hagg Wood into open field. I crossed the field to access Middlebarrow Wood, the path guided me passed the massive scar of Middlebarrow Quarry before turning sharp right up hill. Through Waterslack Wood I wandered turning right at the first junction, a few yards along this path I crossed a dry stone wall to enter Eaves Wood. The atmosphere instantly changed as I passed from airy deciduous woodland to evergreen, no bird song, the smell of moss and rotting vegetation filled my nostrils, light struggling to reach below the canopy, the silence was eerie but limestone pavements guided me forward, I soon passed through a gate back into a world of bird song and dappled light.

I turned right here a good path carried me to a narrow stile, I crossed to re-enter Middlebarrow Wood, keeping the dry stone wall to my right I descended escaping the tree cover at Arnside Tower, a quick wander around this ruinous pele tower followed before joining the green lane to Holgates. From Holgates a path crosses fields to reach Far Arnside, I followed this path to access the village and coast. Striding out along the edge where the woodland of Arnside Park meets the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay is always exciting, specially in fading light with the threat of a spectacular sun set developing to the west, I wandered on descending to the beach at Park Point. Across White Creek I walked before entering Frith Wood, stunning views from above the cliffs at Blackstone Point stopped me in my tracks, then on to New Barns, as I rounded the bay the sky erupted into a kaleidoscope of colour, myself and many other ramblers just stood there watching the blaze of colour cut across the sky, good old Morecambe Bay always saves the best for last.

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In the fields below Arnside Tower looking to Middlebarrow Wood.

Guarding the pass between King William's Hill and Arnside Knott, Arnside Tower.

Approaching Middlebarrow Wood viewing Arnside Knott.

Limestone pavements in Eaves Wood.

In Middlebarrow Wood looking south.

The gaunt remains of Arnside Tower.

To the south of Arnside Tower, my route ahead, through the gate and down the green lane.

The shifting sands of Morecambe Bay. viewed from behind Priory Cottage.

From the beach at Far Arnside views across the bay.

The finger of Know End Point and the Lancashire coast seen across Silverdale Bay.

Seen from the cliff top path, the vast expanse of Morecambe Bay.

The white-washed buildings of Grange Over Sands.

Wonderful silvery seaskapes.

A look to the long finger of Humphrey Head.

From the beach at Park Point views to Heysham Power Station.

Frith Wood as seen across White Creek.

Big skies over Morecambe Bay.

The view from Blackstone Point taking in Meathop Fell and the Newton Fells.

Exquisite reflections in the waters of the Kent Channel.

Looking across New Barns Bay with Frith Wood and the Kent Channel catching the first rays of a Morecambe Bay sunset.

Dark against the golden glow of early evening, Hampsfell.

Stunning reflections in the Kent Channel with Meathop Fell dark rising from the far bank.

Wonderful light over upper Morecambe Bay.

Another dazzling view down the estuary.....

....and it gets better.

I was hoping the red sky would stretch as far as Whitbarrow, alas it never, so to end the day a rather drab view of Whitbarrow over the Kent Viaduct.

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