A Circuit from Arnside.

Start. Arnside.

Route. Arnside - Arnside Moss- Hazelslack - Fairy Steps - Slack Head - Leighton Beck Bridge - Hawes Water - Challan Hall - Water Slack - Eaves Wood - Pepper Pot - Holgates - Far Arnside - Arnside Park - Blackstone Point - New Barns - Grubbins Wood - Arnside.

Notes. Another wet day, with early morning rain drumming on the windows, I decided to sit the storm out, hang around the house, see what the afternoon may bring. When the rain stopped around lunch time I wandered up the garden, from the top I get a good view, from Arnside through a fair chunk of South Lakeland, the brighter sky hung over Morecambe Bay, with bands of rain still sweeping across the lakes, Arnside looked promising, I'd gamble that small vent of sunshine will develop into a decent day.

When I left Arnside heading along Black Dyke Road I only knew one thing for sure, if the weather improved I'd extend the walk . I soon reached a finger-post inviting me to Carr Bank and Kirkby Lonsdale, striding out over the Limestone Link footpath I crossed a rather damp Arnside Moss, my route skirted Hazelslack Tower before joining the old coffin route to Beetham. Through Underlaid Wood I rambled, ascending the Whin Scar cliffs via the Fairy Steps, through dense woodland I walked following the way marked trail to Slack Head, with tarmac under foot I wandered through Slack Head, a sudden descent brought me to Leighton Beck Bridge. A few paces across the road to the south another finger-post invited me to Hawes Water, I oblige, striding through pristine limestone meadows, through delightful woodland on lovely green paths, I soon found myself descending to Hawes Water, where I stopped sat down and had a brew.

Hawes Water's a gem in Silverdale's crown, an enigma in limestone country, (water usually permeates under ground) hidden from prying eyes it's a secret place, calm and peaceful, a place to gather your thoughts, my thoughts turned to the way back to Arnside. I packed my bag before rounding the tarn, my route passed behind Challan Hall, a number of paths dissect this field, I followed the one leading to Water Slack from where I entered Eaves Wood. On way marked paths I ascended King William's Hill en route to meet an old friend the Pepper Pot, perched above the limestone crags on Castlebarrow, built in 1887 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne. You get splendid views from this fine obelisk, over the rolling grassland and woodland of Silverdale the flat top of Ingleborough rises to the east, reaching across the skyline in the southeast Clougha Pike and Caton Moor betrayed by a wind farm, to the south across the shifting sands of Morecambe Bay, Heysham with it's port and familiar power stations. After sitting a while drinking in this fine view I took my leave, making my way through Holgates to access field paths leading to Far Arnside, a short walk through this delightful little hamlet saw me striding out between more holiday homes before gaining access to Arnside Park. My route back was simple, guided by the cliff path I've walked many times I wandered above the bay, rounding Park Point, White Creek then Blackstone Point with it's fossil rich cliffs before reaching New Barns Bay, after skirting the edge of the bay it was a short walk along the edge of the Kent Channel back to my starting point.

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From the path across Arnside Moss views to Underlaid Wood.

Underlaid Wood seen from the old coffin route above Hazelslack.

The first tier of the Whin Scar cliffs....

....followed by the view from the top.

From above the Fairy Steps views to Arnside Knott and the Kent Estuary.

Striding through Underlaid Wood nearing Slack Head.

Wonderful moss covered limestone pavements and mature Yews line the path edges.

Ascending through the meadows above Leighton Beck looking to Hutton Roof Crags.

Higher up the field and the limestone scars of Farleton Fell tilt into view.

Underlaid Wood and Major Wood combine to make a wonderful tract of sylvan woodland, my route passed the white washed buildings near the top of the hill.

En route to Gait Barrows, through the trees to the left Hawes Water.

Viewing Challan Hall across Hawes Water.

A secret corner of Gait Barrows.

A meadow of Saw-wort passed through on my route around Hawes Water.

Always a delight to set foot on, the path through Eaves Wood.

Stunning views from Castlebarrow Hill, taking in Silverdale and the Lancashire coast.

Erected by a local chap named Bowskill, the Pepper Pot commemorates the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria's succession to the throne.

Seen from the narrow tarmac lane through Far Arnside, Heathwaite.

Seen from the cliff path north of Far Arnside, Know End Point across Silverdale Bay.

Viewing Grange over Sands across Morecambe Bay with Tower Hill to the far left.

Further along this delightful path, looking at the finger of limestone that is Humphrey Head.

When the bay starts to narrow the limestone cliffs of Meathop Fell come into view.

Striding out towards Arnside, looking to a stormy sky over Whitbarrow.

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